Contributions from Public Research

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Institute for government

How government can work with Academia (2018)

Hiroyuki Kano, Fellow at the Center for Research and Development Strategy & Takehiko I. Hayashi

A framework for implementing evidence in policymaking: Perspectives and phases of evidence evaluation in the science-policy interaction (2021)

David Gough, Professor at University College London and Director at the EPPI-centre, et al.

Evidence Synthesis International (ESI): Position Statement (2020)

Carina Wyborn, Associate Professor at Australian National University, et al.

Understanding the impacts of Research Synthesis (2018)

Saba Hinrichs - Krapels, Assistant Professor at TU Delft, et al.

Using Policy Labs as a process to bring evidence closer to public policy making: a guide to one approach (2020)
Peter D. Gluckmann, Professor and Founding Chair of INGSA,  et al. Brokerage at the science-policy interface: from conceptual framework to practical guidance (2021)
Global Commission on Evidence to Adress Societal Challenges The Evidence Commission Report: A wake-up call and path forward for decision-makers, evidence intermediaries, and impact oriented evidence producers (2022)
Joint Research Centre Values and Identities: A Policymakers Guide (2021)
David Halpern, Chief Executive at the Behavioural Insights Team The rise of evidence-based policymaking? (2022)