The Society

STEPPS is an open, inclusive and global society, consisting of members that are active as (among others):

  • Policy evaluators, who measure the effectiveness of policy interventions
  • Academic experts who develop evidence through e.g. RCT’s and new forms of evaluation
  • Data scientists specialized in creating instruments for government use
  • Governmental & Parliamentary researchers and strategists
  • Policy makers and politicians who want to learn about the effectiveness of their interventions
  • Knowledge mobilisers on the interface between academia and policy.

STEPPS will focus on the process of developing sustainable tools and on how to structure their implementation. The content behind political issues is used as examples on how to generate evidence for policymakers in order to reach their goals.

STEPPS will organize interactions in three ways:

  • A network of individual and institutional members, able to exchange information via platforms
  • International conferences to share best practices and generate momentum
  • Trainings and courses

The STEPPS website may also share proven effective policy interventions on a thematic basis.